Int’l. Union of G.O.C.

The International Union of
Genuine Orthodox Churches

Following another series communications and meetings between Metropolitans Seraphim & Tikhon of Russia, John of America, and Angelos of Greece –three chief Hierarchs of major True Orthodox Churches—to reconcile all differences between them, the unity sought had been achieved.

On April 16, o.s./April 29, n.s. 2018 the Hierarchs of five separate TOC jurisdiction, with accompanying clergy, concelebrated Divine Liturgy for the Fourth Sunday of Pascha: The Paralyzed Man   On that celebrative day the formal sealing of the re-union also took place and a formal designation was given to this union of five Genuine Orthodox Church Jurisdictions under Schema-Metropolitan Seraphim and his successor, Metropolitan Tikhon (Russia), Metropolitan John (America/UK), Metropolitan Angelos (Greece), Metropolitan Varsanuphy of Bukavinia (Ukraine), and Metropolitan Christopher of Tiblisi (Georgia). Also part of this union is the Metropolitan Evloghius of Milan due to his Synod’s previous communion with Metropolitan Angelos’ Holy Synod.

In a press release from the Chancery of the American Church, the Rev’d. Hieromonk Enoch (Fetter) reported, “In this Union, all of these Synods (total of 6 Holy Synods. –editor) are equal members and in no way are subordinate to one another.  We believe that, because of the size of the various churches and peoples under these Synods, this new International Union represents the largest grouping of truly canonical Orthodox Churches that are opposed to the heresy of Ecumenism and which are therefore unwilling to be associated with the present claimant of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Bartholomew.”

1. True Orthodox Church of Russia (TOC-R)

Metropolitan Seraphim (Motovilov) of Moscow 
succeeded by  Metropolitan Tikhon

2. The True Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles (TOC-A&BI)

Metropolitan John of New York & all-Eastern America

3. Holy Metropolitan Synod of the Patristic Calendar of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Hellas. (GOC-Avlona)

Metropolitan Angelos of Avlona

and Avlona Synod USA | True Orthodox Mission to North America

4. True Orthodox Church of Moldovia (TOC-M)

Metropolitan Varsonofius of Bukovina
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5. True Orthodox Church of Georgia (TOC-G)

Metropolitan Cherub of Tbilisi and all Georgia 
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6. Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of Western Europe – (Milan Synod)

Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan