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Metropolitan John is the
* Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York & New Jersey and all-of Eastern America
* Exarch of Canada.
* A Senior Member of the True Orthodox Synod of Bishops of the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North & and South America and British Isles.
* Abbot, Orthodox Abbey of the Holy Name & its dependencies.
* Publisher, St. Gregory’s Orthodox Press.
*  Lead Translator of the Old Sarum Liturgical Rite of pre-Schismatic Catholic Europe
* spiritual son of the blessed Elder and Schemabishop Theodore (Irtel) of Old Valaam, Perchersky Caves Monastery, and America.


St. Gregory Press

Liturgical Publishings of The Ancient Catholic Rites of The West for The Orthodox Church
The Publishing arm of the Archdiocese of New York and New Jersey
The Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles

The Medieval Monastic Psalter

When this pre-Schism Western Rite, from
the former (Orthodox) Catholic England,
is available why observe any of the Heterodox liturgies?

Orthodox Western PontificalMany attempts have been made in the early and latter parts of this century to produce a version of the Hours of the Monastic Office in the English Language that could be easily used for prayer by those with little or no training in ancient languages or musical theory. The need to put forward another attempt comes from certain lackings in previous versions that made the Editors feel that no previous version incorporated all the needs present before them.

This series is divided into many Volumes, for which Volume I is the Psalter Outside of Paschaltide, Volume II is the Psalter in Paschaltide (from Low Sunday through the Octave of Pentecost), and Volume III begins the Proper Offices for Advent. The Offices of the week of Pascha, while having a Monastic usage, are not technically part of the Monastic Psalter, as the Cathedral Use like that of Old Sarum, not the RSB, has provided the structure for these offices ever since the Monastic Council of Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) in 817 A.D., and thus will be provided for in a separate Volume of the Proper.

These volumes are unparallel to those frequent attempts by others since this material pre-dates, for the most part, the Great Schism and the tragic Fall of Orthodoxy in the West.

Mass Book- 2nd EditionAlso available, The Sacred Rite of the Mass, Ordinary of the Mass book text. Second Edition and contains all the fixed parts for use during the Divine Services.  Orthodox Western Pontificale in color! Perfect-bound, however, no spiral in color for the size!  Little Office of the Theotokos – The Little Offices, or Hours, dedicated to the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mother of God Mary, along with the Office of All Saints. The Little Hours… is excellent for Oblates and Laity of the Orthodox Church.Little Office of the Theotokos

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