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An imprint of the Hermitage of St Michael, Archangel.

The Original usage of “OrthodoxWest”, with the two words buttressed against one another, was a website created by Father Symeon of Syracuse (newly joined to the Milan Synod in America) in 1999 in spreading an awareness of the American Dioceses and its authentic Orthodox Western Rite liturgical translations and observances in the United States. The internet address then, as now remains, OrthodoxWest.org

OrthodoxWest later became the name of an online discussion forum hosted formerly by Groups.com. This host was purchased by Yahoo! and this Orthodox discussion group was then featured in Yahoo! Groups. With the advent of Facebook usage and popularity of the Yahoo! Group OrthodoxWest discussion group had waned. So a new discussion group had been inaugurated focusing not on the Western Rite rather, on the Western Experience of all Orthodox Christians. This too began, but today still mildly active, to slow down in activity.

The creator/owner of the nomenclature OrthodoxWest is the Traditional Orthodox Eremitic Hermitage (Kellion) of St Michael, Archangel. After several other names the  Kellion has named its publication imprint The OrthodoxWest Publications.

The OrthodoxWest Publications is currently responsible for two online Journals and corresponding Facebook Pages, namely Novi Gora Journal and the Orthodox Therapeia Journal; in addition the publication of the prayer rule of Traditional Orthodox Eremitic Hermitage (Kellion) of St Michael, Archangel (Novi Kloštar Kellion)
Hermitage (Kellion) of St Michael, Archangel
OrthodoxWest Publications
349 S. Collingwood Avenue
Syracuse, New York 13206 USA

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This is a historical account of the origins of the Genuine Orthodox Christians in relation to the so-called Official State Church of Greece.  In part II of this account we see the true descendants in the Florinite line of the Apostolic Succession, namely, the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of the Americas & British Isles.
edited by Monk Symeon of Syracuse. (c) (P) 2018.

Trinitarian Crown

The monastic prayer rule observed at the Hermitage of St. Michael, Archangel.  Preparatory prayers followed by the Kyrieleison Prayer (a version of the Hesychast Prayer) with concluding and further optional prayers.
edited by Monk Symeon of Syracuse. (c) (P) 2018.

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